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Nova Mama
Charity fund of helping
the orphan children
Nova Mama
"Nova Mama
International foundation"
Benedictions of the clergy

Nova MamaThe priesthood of Dnepropetrovs'k and Dnepropetrovs'k area, His Eminence Metropolitan of Dnepropetrovs'k and Pavlograd Iriney, Chief Rabbi of Dnepropetrovs'k and Dnepropetrovs'k area Smuel Kaminetsky, representative of the ecclesiastic administration of the Muslims of Ukraine Imam Rustam expressed their support and blessed the Charity fund and its work.

"I bless the organization of Charity fund of helping the orphan children "Nova Mama International foundation".

It is rejoicing that the tradition of charity, disinterested help to miserable support is regenerated in Ukraine.

May God bless the good work. Your support to them must be directed towards the strengthening of their physical health, development of spirituality and benevolence, peaceableness and respect towards their neighbours following the Jesus's commandments: "Don't kill. Don't steal. Respect your Father and your Mother. Love your neighbour as yourself." And only keeping such aspirations it is necessary to serve for the welfare of the Motherland. May your good beginning serve as an example to others.

I wish you success in all your affairs and beginnings.

May God bless and help you.

Metropolitan Iriney of Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd

Nova Mama