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Nova Mama
Charity fund of helping
the orphan children
Nova Mama
"Nova Mama
International foundation"
Children are waiting for you
Nova Mama Nova Mama

There are 2536 children in childrens homes and special boarding schools of the Dnepropetrovk region.

The educators, teachers and personnel lavish care upon the children. But despite this every child wants to have his own parents, Father and Mother. The children dream, that in future they will have their own families and they wont leave their children and will make them happy.

Every child has the right to the living standard, sufficient for his physical, intellectual and social development.

But, unfortunately, because of the economic and health protection system crisis the State at present cannot provide the orphans with better life.

The children, deprived of parental love, kindness and care, they as no one else, need protection and any help. The welfare assistance will help to solve household needs, guarantee clothes, shoes, books, toys purchase as well as solve the burning problem of children recovery, treatment and cultural development.

The children are waiting for you.