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Nova Mama
Charity fund of helping
the orphan children
Nova Mama
"Nova Mama
International foundation"
The objectives of organization

Charity fund of helping the orphan children
"Nova Mama International foundation"
extends the helping hand to miserable children.

For today low level of the economical development and health protection crisis in Ukraine caused rapid increase of the amount of orphan children in childrens homes and orphanages. These children who are deprived of the parents love, kindness, warmth and protection, are in need of care and help. Today, the government can not provide the majority of their needs. That is why the necessity in help and assistance of public organizations and funds emerges. They will take responsibility for some of the lonely children's problems.

Charity fund of helping the orphan children Nova Mama International Foundation gives the necessary helping hand to the miserable children.

Our objective is to help this young generation to obtain valuable happiness, provide support to their health, talents and inclinations, help to receive education and to assist in their arrangements for the future.

Our objective is to do everything in power, so that these orphan children could fulfill themselves in their lives. Every person should have hope for a brighter future!

Nova Mama